I’m Leav’n on a Jet Plane, don’t know when I’ll..

    Let the adventure begin (3 days and counting)..

    Que Pasa Tourist Guide and Three Maps of Puerto RicoThis will be my last post from Alaska.. the next one will be from San Juan.. late on Wednesday, the 26th (if things go according to plan).

    I’ll spend 19 hours in transit, cross 4 time zones and switch planes twice, to get there.  Did I mention how much coach class sux?

    I find it slightly humorous and a little annoying that the Que Pasa visitors guide did not show up until last week.  I had requested it from the Puerto Rico Travel Companies Web site, a couple months ago.  Back when I could have used it to plan my trip.  Its dated June to August 2009 which means most of it will not be current by the time I get there.  It is loaded with valuable info and gorgeous photos.  Que Pasa’s content, for the most part, is aimed at an upscale crowd with lots of money.  I’ve been involved with all aspects of producing travel guides like this.  It is ‘top notch’, but of little value if it cannot be put in the hands of those who need them in a timely way.  My 2 cents.

    The maps were scored at book stores in Anchorage so I was able to check them out in advance.  Each is very different from the other.

    One last note- I got a very good review by a Web site on Puerto Rico in this last week before I leave.  A big thanx to “Paradise Lost”.  A ‘thought-provoking’ site that exemplifies the pride the locals have for Puerto Rico.  I truly respect what they are trying to do.  I have added them to my “Links” panel in the right-hand column.  Thanx again, Roberto, the Scurvy Dog.. Arrg!!

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