From the Road: Coamo to Degetau’s Rock, Part 1

    As promised, here is Part One of the run from Coamo to the Mirador Piedra Degetau’ located in Aibonito. It was featured in a previous post.

    This is the first ‘From the Road’ video where I squashed it to double speed with iMovie (then into FinalCut Express to edit).  This allows me to include more footage without going over YouTube’s 10 minute limit.

    Editing HD video from a laptop is very, very time consuming.

    VadoHD VidCam Mounted Inside Custom Bracket and Clamped to Roof Rack of SUV, Front View in Puerto RicoThis 9 minute, 21 second video is actually 18 minutes, 42 seconds in length.  I tried it at 3 times faster, but it was just too intense… it made me dizzy! As always, it was shot with my VadoHD videocam mounted to the roof rack of my Isuzu, giving you a great vantage point to observe from.

    VadoHD VidCam Mounted Inside Custom Bracket and Clamped to Roof Rack of SUV, Back View Showing Bubble Level in Puerto Rico

    Part Two is the return trip via a different route and it’s even more hair raising than any I have shot to date.  The mountain roads of Puerto Rico are a blast to drive, but you do have to stay on your toes!

    I will post that one up in a few days.

    I made another run into San Juan about a week ago and have new material from that trip as well,  AND an HD video shot from the open trolley making the rounds from El Morro, through Old San Juan to the docks.  Soo much to do… soo little time.  Arrg!!!!!

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      2 Responses to From the Road: Coamo to Degetau’s Rock, Part 1

      • Roberto says:

        Sorry, have not run across the cats yet. Will keep an eye pealed for them. Bet they got no rat problem! Arrg!

      • LaLa says:

        I so love these, thank you!

        Do you recall seeing a house which has a huge boulder in front of it and about 50 or more cats lounging out front? We saw the house on our way from El Yunque to Ponce as we were racing to make it to our destination before the sun set. It was such an odd and beautiful sight to see so many cats sprawled out on the boulder in front of the house, its front lawn, surrounding cars, etc. They were literally everywhere!

        We are hoping to return to PR in the next month or so and hope we can find the house again. I’m always hoping I’ll stumble upon in in one of your videos, lol.

        Love what you’re doing with your blog. I’ve searched elsewhere for similar videos, but can’t seem to find any. You definitely have a unique niche going here. Keep it up and thanks! (edited for length, arrg)

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