San Juan, PR: 87F, 65% Humidity and Loving it!

    Babes on the Beach in San Juan, Puerto RicoMore in-depth posts will follow, but I wanted to get this one out before it got too late. No hassles along the way, so that’s a good thing. Jet-lag was not bad either, since I had been up 36 hours with only a short nap on the run from Seattle to New York. Needless to say, I slept-in a little.. missed the free ‘Continental Breakfast’, no biggie. The staff at the Howard Johnson Hotel are great. I’m in an area called Carolina on Isla Verde Avenue. The beach is a very short walk from here and saved me a bundle. So far, so good. I’ll rate them at the end, but I like the place. Its very close to the airport, but a good ways from “Old San Juan” or the Tren Urbano transit system.

    To acclimate myself, I walked a few blocks to check out the local scene around 1PM.. then over to the beach. The Isla Verde and Carolina areas are well patrolled by the local cops and is considered very safe for folks on vacation.

    Hotel Construction with Colorful Bus in the Foreground in Isla Verde Near the Airport of San Juan, Puerto Rico

    You always need to be vigilant no matter where you are and Puerto Rico is no different.

    This IS the Low Season, so I was not surprised to see how deserted the beaches were.

    There is lots of commercial property under repair or construction right now. I admit I’m not up on the local news regarding the status of tourist developments. As long as this weather holds, I’ll be home in a month.

    Panoramic View of the Beaches in Isla Verde Near the Airport of San Juan, Puerto Rico

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