Degetau’s Observation Stone.. a Panoramic View

Wide-angle View from Top of Observation Tower, Mirador Piedra Degetau Near Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Formally known as- “Mirador Piedra Degetau”, this is a must see.  It’s free and is well worth checking out.  Located in Aibonito, its a key feature of the ‘Ruta Panoramica’.  On a clear day, you may see Ponce and Coffin island to the south and the El Morro Forte or cruise ships leaving the harbor of Old San Juan in the North.  You can also see the towns of Cayey and Barranquitas.  There are a couple coin operated telescopes atop the wooden observation tower. Continue reading

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Black Friday, Puerto Rico Style!

Or how I survived the 6AM Crush at Walmart

I had planned to score a new TV, once I got back to PR. I figured “Black Friday” would be the best time to do it. I got to the Walmart near Coamo, right at 6AM. I’ve been to this particular Walmart about a half a dozen times and I have NEVER seen it as packed as it was on Friday morning. Continue reading

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Puerto Rico Video “From the Road #2″…

I was able to assemble one more “From the Road” video, before my departure next week. This one was shot in the mountains, up above Coamo, in the Barrio Collores area of Juana Diaz. Very different from the first video, but very typical of Puerto Rico’s interior.  No Palm trees to speak of.  Again, this is most of 10 minutes. Its hard to edit it down when there is so much to see. A VadoHD mounted in a custom bracket and clamped to the roof rack of my ride, did all the work.

BTW- I did manage to shoot a couple of HD videos “From the Road”, here in Alaska. One along the Seward Highway and one coming back… Continue reading

Coamo… Last Stop of a New Adventure

Panoramic Image of Catholic Church on the Plaza in Coamo, Puerto Rico

I spent a lot of time in and around Coamo checking out the local situation, scoring a “cheap” ride and getting a sense of what Puerto Rico was really like.  Sure, I got stuck while trying to buy a car.  I’ve already explained all that.

However, I never “felt” like I was stuck anywhere. Continue reading

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Ponce.. Pearl of the South!

Giant PONCE Letters on Highway 52 in Puerto Rico

The Letter 'O' from the PONCE Letters on Highway 52 in Puerto RicoIf you have a week or more to spend in Puerto Rico, then you must spend a couple days of it here. I promise you will not regret it. I will be back to Ponce myself, to shoot more of the local color.

Before I arrived in PR, I had this “vision” of what I thought Puerto Rico would look like and I found it here in Ponce.

As the locals say- “Ponce is Ponce”

Spire Monument to the Abolition of Slavery in PR, Near Plaza of PonceWhy they say that is open to debate. Ponce has its own attitude about things and goes its own way. A magnet for real characters… artists, thinkers, the independent types.. my kind of place.

Closeup Detail of Spire Monument to the Abolition of Slavery in PR, Near Plaza of PonceIt is the largest city on the south coast of Puerto Rico, but without the sprawl of greater San Juan. It has a very busy commercial port, a large marina and boasts many tourist attractions. Among those are a world class Art Museum, a large central plaza with grand Cathedral, the Serralles museum and the “Cross”. There are many other attractions besides these.. I’ll get around to them at another time.

My first stop was at the giant letters of PONCE, announcing your arrival. Ya can’t miss ’em. As can be seen in the letter “O”, they attract a lot of attention. Continue reading

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Back to Arecibo and Points West…

The Scurvy Dog from the Deck of a Model Ship in Arecibo, Puerto RicoBecause I’m running short of time, weather issues and having to deal with car repairs, I’ve had to zip around the West and South West parts of the island. Yes, my front brake pads have to be replaced so I’m loosing more time. I will have to put off my side trips for later… there WILL be a later. In the past, I’ve had good luck with used cars, but not this time around.

Seems my Karma has finally caught up with me.

So here’s what I got..

Caparra Fort Park- Site of the First Settlement on the Island of Puerto RicoOn my way back through San Juan, I was able to stop at the grounds of the original Caparra Fort in what eventually became Guaynabo. It would be the oldest Spanish fort on the island, but it was abandoned in favor of what is now, Old San Juan because the Spaniards could not hold off the local natives from there, so they retreated to a defensible position. The grounds were open, but not the museum. So it goes.

BTW, my Mio GPS unit worked great at helping me avoid the small side streets in San Juan. It’s easy to get lost there. You have to keep in mind, 2 million people live their and they all got cars!  Well, almost all. Continue reading

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The Great Coamo Detour

Side tracked and kicked back…

I’ve been scoping out Clasificados Online looking for a cheap, dependable ride to run around the island in. Plan ‘B’ was to simply rent a car, but I wanted to see how buying a vehicle worked here.

Purely by coincidence, I scored a ride from a couple of guys staying at the Coqui Inn, out to Santa Isabel on the South side of the island. They were “rock & roll roadies” from the mainland on vacation, doing a short road trip to Ponce. Quite a pair of characters.. one had grown up as a kid in Caguas, PR, before moving to the mainland. Continue reading

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