Highway 1

Coffee & Chocolate Expo- Sept 22 – 23, 2012

Coffee & Chocolate Expo LogoAs last year, the ‘Expo’ was held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in
Isla Grande.

To get there, you literally take Highway 1, Expreso Luis Muñoz Rivera like you are going into Old San Juan, Coffee and Chocolate Expo 2012, Custom Coffee Shirt, San Juanbut right after you cross the bridge next to the lagoon on your right, you take a hard left and loop back across another bridge (with the small boat harbor on your right) to get to the Convention Center.  Stay to the right to get to the paid parking.  It’s hiding behind the Sheraton Hotel.

This is the most popular route to take.. it’s way too convoluted for me.

Since this was our 3rd or 4th trip to the area, I made all the correct turns without error… That was not true, the first time I tried it.

The Convention Center is one of the most beautiful structures in Puerto Rico.  The fountains, the pools and manicured grounds are worth checking out. Continue reading

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Salinas Speedway, a Day at the Races

I’ve been wanting to cover this venue, ever since we drove by it, 2 years ago.

Salinas Speedway Entrance Sign in Puerto RicoRacing and showing off your car is very popular here in Puerto Rico.

I’ve spoken before about the interest in big bikes and jeeps.

Well, little ‘souped-up’ imports are also very popular.

Auto parts stores and tire shops do a brisk business.

On to Salinas-

It’s a straight shot out of San Juan via Highway 52.  There is an off ramp to Highway 1 for Salinas, after that, turn east on Highway 3.  A huge sign marks the entrance to the Salinas International Speedway.Salinas Speedway Honda Engine with Reflection in Puerto Rico

I should say up front, I’m not a ‘motor-head’, never was, but I do get the attraction.

Some of these rides were absolutely beautiful!

This was another Photo MeetUp, though it was on our side of the island. Continue reading

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University of Puerto Rico Botanical Gardens

Another ‘Top 10″ attraction of PR and San Juan in particular.

Yes, the gardens on the grounds of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) had been on my original ‘hit-list’ of places to see.  I’m a little ashamed I had not come to visit before now.  The SJ Photo MeetUp Group decided to come back and check it out so that was all the Main Entrance to the South Botanical Gardens of the U of PR in San Juanexcuse I needed.

Though some tropical plants flower year round, this is the tail end of the summertime flower explosion.  There is something in bloom year round, but it was evident that many things had gone to seed or past that.  The dry season starts in late December so most things go into a dormant state.

The weather was sunny, balmy and in the the mid-80’s F.

I would normally wear shorts, but I often need to kneel for shots so jeans are a minimum.  A hat is a good idea too as well as an umbrella for afternoon showers. Continue reading

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