Lechosa con Queso

Puerto Rican Eats..

One of the things I wanted to check out was foods unique to PR. Admittedly, being in San Juan is not the way to do it. So to that end, I offer the following.

Caribbean Munchies:

Caribas Chips Made in the Dominican Republic by Frito-LayCaribas brand chips are made from produce popular to the Caribbean basin. They were wedged into the potato and corn chip aisle. They were new to me. The 3 I tried were made from Yuca, green Plantains and yellow Plantains. Yuka chips the text on the bag was entirely in Spanish, but the illustration is of a large root sliced thin and fried like potato chips They do have the texture of a potato chip, but with their own unique flavor. They remind me of thick, salted kettle chips. I liked them. The yellow Plantain Maduros chips were very crunchy and slightly sweet, hence their caramel color. I liked them too. Continue reading

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The Scurvy Dog’s Skull Rating System

The scurvy dogs skull rating, one is bad five is good

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Personal Checks with Images from PR

Puerto Rican Plants and Flowers

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Puerto Rican Scenic Ruins

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Puerto Rican Ginger and Flowers
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The Isle of Bamboo Website in PR

Isle of Bamboo Screen Grab

Wippy Woppy Webdesign is proud to announce our new site- the Isle of Bamboo.

It's dedicated to the myriad of ways bamboo enriches our lives and our planet.  If there ever was a 'Super Plant', bamboo is it!

The Site is optimized to run on desktops and laptops as well as tablets like the iPad or Android 4.0 models.

The Isle of Bamboo

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