Quebradillas, The Pirate’s Hideout.. Arrg!

On to Quebradillas from Isabela..

This is part 2 of a 4 part series regarding the towns of the northwest coast of PR.  Our first stop was Isabela.  We left off by covering the old train tunnel where Rio Guajataca empties into the Atlantic Ocean.  Catholic Church on the Plaza of QuebradillasThough the tunnel and beach are on the Isabela side of the river, it’s actually much closer to Quebradillas.

On the Quebradillas side of the Guajataca River is a beautiful Parador with gorgeous views of the Atlantic Coast.  We did not stop to check it out.

A word or two About Puerto Rico’s Paradores

Paradores are as close to Motels as ‘mainlanders’ will ever get, here on the island.  There ARE a few motels, but they are used by the locals for ‘quickie getaways’.  Paradores are moreInterior View of Catholic Church on the Plaza of Quebradillas like country Inns with a tropical twist and can vary in size from quaint to massive.  Many of them have pools, bars and restaurants.

They are privately owned, but must meet a certain set of requirements to receive Parador certification by the Government of Puerto Rico.

If you visit the See Puerto Rico Website’s Accommodations page, you may click on the Paradores category to see where some are located.  All are outside of San Juan with most located on the west end of the island.  Continue reading

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Coamo Springs Resort of Puerto Rico

Hotel Baños de Coamo en Puerto Rico

Since moving to Coamo last fall, I’ve been wanting to check out Coamo’s only hotel.  This post is based on a quick 15 minute walk-through of the place.

Main Entrance to Coamo Springs Hotel Banos in Puerto RicoA review of user comments over at TripAdvisor did not return good results. Almost all personal reviews of the place were negative… an average of only one star. I suspect if they were given the option they would have given it none. So I did not go with high expectations. I did not stay here, nor did I get a peek into any of the rooms.

This is what I found-

The facility is located at the end of Hwy 546, off Hwy 153, which is off Expressway 52. Not hard to find.

As legend has it, Ponce de Leon made the trek to these natural hot springs where the infamous fable of the “Fountain of Youth” originated.   He’s also the namesake of Ponce.  A hotel was established in 1847 and has been in existence in one form or another, ever since. Continue reading

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