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Goodbye, Adios, C U L8r, ALASKA!

16 Hours and Counting…  Puerto Rico, Here I Come!

As stated previously, Alaska has been my home since I was a little kid.  There was plenty to explore and still is.  I won’t be back for sometime, but I will be back.  I leave a big chunk of my heart and soul here.  I made it through the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964, -35F winters and the glorious summers Alaska is famous for.  I’ve shot fireworks in Barrow (as lead pyro-technician) on New Years and ran the 4th of July Jaycees  “Freedom Days Festival” in 1985, in Anchorage.  Fond memories, for sure.

Anchorage Skyline in the Dead of Winter With The Chugach Mountain Range in the Background in Alaska

The Scurvy Dog’s Puerto Rican Blog will pick-up, right where I left off, with my return to Puerto Rico… going back to hit the places I missed and adding a ton more. Continue reading

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YouTube Intro Video.. Arrg!

What a learning curve…

My first (ever) edited video and the only one I’ll do with me in front of the camera.  Shot with the Vado HD video camera.  This sequence was staged next to an old dilapidated shed near my place in Willow, Alaska.  HD Videos make such huge files.  This minute and a half was originally over 560MB’s.  I did manage to compress it to 65MB’s before uploading to YouTube.  It still took 30 minutes to up-load over my DSL.  Enjoy, Roberto

Because of the huge amount of time lost to post processing HD video, I will only be posting a few while I’m IN Puerto Rico.  Once I get back, I’ll prepare and… Continue reading

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