The “Intro Bloopers” Reel

    Shooting the “Intro Video” to my Blog was fun, but it did have its moments of frustration.  It was my first.. there were mistakes.

    For those of you not familiar with viewing videos on the Internet, here’s a couple of tips-

    If you are on a ‘dial-up’ Internet account, I suggest skipping the videos completely.. they are huge files and will take (almost) forever to down-load. Do you have an hour or so to wait? You could go eat dinner, run an errand or go for a walk and come back when its done. If on the other hand, you have a high speed connection (DSL, cable modem or some such thing), go for it. It should take only a few minutes to down-load.

    When you start a video, there is a ‘progress bar’ at the bottom of the frame that tracks the down-load.  There is also a ‘play/pause’ button immediately to the left of the bar.  As soon as the video starts to play for the first time, stop (pause) the video.

    The vid will continue to down-load even though you have paused the play.

    You can see the progress of the down-load as the bar slowly turns red.  Once the bar is mostly red (3/4 or so), restart the video to watch it without interruption. Once it has completely down-loaded (a solid red bar), you can watch the vid over and over without reloading it, without the jitters or breaks.

    I also encourage you to ‘rate’ my YouTube videos or leave your own comments (good, bad, or otherwise), but that’s optional.  Enjoy!

    Copyright © 2009~2014, All Comm. Rights Reserved, CC3, ShareAlike

      One Response to The “Intro Bloopers” Reel

      • Ruth Hemming says:

        Just watched your latest – it was great – boy, it looks harder than I am sure most of us think.

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